Justin Bieber has slept with these 30 beautiful girls.

It’s no new news to anyone with internet access that Justin Bieber’s love life has been all over the board lately, but these last few years have just been wild!

With a new lovely lady every few days, JB is definitely putting his believers through a never-ending emotional roller coaster. Whether you can’t seem to keep up with his popstar’s history or forgot a few names over the years. We are here, to sum up, all the insanity for you.

30. Caitlin Beadles.


The first of Justin’s long string of special ladies was sweet little Caitlin Beadles way back in 2007, sister of his long-time best friend Christian Beadles.

The two were happy for about two years but is not there a rule about dating your best friend’s sister?

29. Kristen Rodeheaver.


The quirky and cute actress Kristen Rodeheaver appeared in Bieber’s video “One Time” in 2009 and became the first girlfriend he met filming a video.

28. Mandy Rain.


Early 2000’s superstar Mandy Rain hit it off with Justin in 2009 after they met on the set of “School Gyrls”

The relationship went so well that she even got a prime spot in his “As long As You Love Me” music video!

27. Jessica Jarrell.


Jessica has always been a close friend to Justin and got extra close to him at the 2010 my world tour!

Despite their on-stage performance wrapped in each other’s arms and multiple sightings of hand holding. The two claim they were “Just BBFS”. we see you, Justin.

26. Jasmine Villegas.


Not one to let a beautiful co-star leave without a parting gift, Justin spent a number of months getting close to his new baby Jasmine Villegas.

In 2010 after she starred in his “Baby” music video.

25. Selena Gomez.


The pristine princess of pop and possibly the one that got away Selena Gomez has certainly endured a long history pursuing the Biebs.

She stole his heart for the first time back in late 2010 and has been on and off ever since!

24. Miley Cyrus.


Don’t worry you are not the only taken aback by this one! Rumor has it that the Biebs and the infamous Miley had quite the steamy hook up while taking a break from Selena in 2012.

23. Barbara Palvin.


Possibly the culprit behind Jelena’s initial break-up Barabara was introduced as Justin’s new boo as the two shared a sophisticated broadway date back in 2013.

22. Jordan Ozuna.


Often remembered as Justin’s 2013 valentine this beautiful model has spotted a fun yet roughly date at Las Vegas indoor skydiving. Bieber may just be the king of dates.

21. Jacque Rae Pyles.


Later on in2013 Justin and his new lady Jacque was seen leaving in style to a Vegas boxing match via his private jet, of course, friends? think again.

20. Cailin Russo.


Known as Bieber’s “Kissing Girl” Miss Russo caused quite an uproar of jealousy starring in Justin sensual “All That Times” music video in 2013.

She says she was just doing her job but it did not help her case that she broke up with her boyfriend around the same time!

19. Tati Neves.


We all can get a little crazy when it comes to celebrities but never sure takes the cake on this one!

You may remember her as the girl who posted that uber-creepy video of Justin while he was sleeping back In 2013.

She did get to spend the night with him, though!

18. Chantel Jeffries.


We are sure Chantel had quite the exciting relationship with the Biebs you may know her as the girl sitting shotgun in Justin’s yellow Lambo during that whole drag racing/ DUI mess in 2013.

It was not all that bad though they ran away to Panama to escape the buzz!

17. Adriana Lima.


Later in 2014, Justin pursued victoria’s secret angel Adriana Lima at the 67th annual film festival in Cannes.

Sources say they were hitting it off and even headed home together!

16. Alyssa Arce.


A great year for bieb-cations Justin was photographed getting snuggly with playmate Alyssa on a Yacht trip to Ibiza with plenty of wine to go around.

15. Yovanna Ventura.


After another Harsh Jelena break-up in 2014, Justin rebounded fast on Venice beach with the jaw-dropping Yovanna Ventura.

They were spotted rekindling a romance just before his twenty-first birthday the next year.

14. Ashley Moore.


Soon after his escapades with Galore Bieber was photographed sharing quite a few romantic smooches with model Ashley Moore at a clippers game in Los Angeles.

13. Kendall Jenner.


They are definitely no boundaries in Justin’s love life as Kendall has become his second conquest in the Kardashian-Jenner family sources say.

The two do not deny their “Friends With Benefits” status and flaunted with a flirty time at Coachella in 2015.

12. Shanina Shaik.


These two lovebirds have been seeing each other here and there since their Yacht party in Ibiza in 2014 and were seen again getting touchy at a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in Vegas last year!

11. Xenia Deli.


In 2015, Justin spoiled this beautiful playmate with the cutest date we’ve ever heard of and a trip to a Piano bar where he serenaded his lucky woman!

This came after she starred in his “What Do You Mean?” video of course.

10. Kourtney Kardashian.


The unlikeliest of couples emerged as 2015 came to an end, Bieber and Kardashian.

The two were seen getting physical and even making out at an L.A nightclub before they went home together!

9. Nicola Peltz.


After a long run of messing around Bieber decided It was time to “Get Serious” and escorted actress Nicola Peltz to a classy date at the renowned Maestro’s steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

8. Rita Ora.


In June Bieber was caught by the Paparazzi taking the stunning artist Rita Ora on a sweet date to kitchen 24 and Warwick in Hollywood.

That date may have confirmed the rumors that he was to blame for the breakup between Ora and Calvin Harris in 2014!

7. Hailey Baldwin.


As Justin tried to get serious with his love life he caught model Hailey heart by wooing her with not one but two fabulous vacations to St Barts and Cancun in late July!

6. Madison Beer.


You may know this pretty young thing as the singer who has completely taken over Justin’s Instagram pictures.

Although he claims that the two are only close friends they have been getting more than close in their social media photos since 2012!

5. Cindy Kimberly.


Otherwise known as the girl that put all love interest searching believers to the ultimate test.

Justin had quite the crush on this sweetheart from her pictures that he found online. He posted one on Instagram asking “OMG Who Is This!!” and the believers did not take long to Id her as Cindy Kimberly who was very surprised, to say the least!

4. Sahara Ray.


We guess the Biebs was not quite having fun earlier this month he leaked a handful of pictures to social media with a couple of new interests, models Sahara Ray and Chloe Treichel.

The three threw a wild party with a handful of bikini models at a $10,000/ night mansion in Hawaii. skinny dipping was definitely on the schedule!

3. Jayde Pierce.


The internet nearly imploded when JB’s skinny dipping nudes his Hawaii rendezvous broke out but did everyone forget about the skinny dipping in Bora Bora?

The beautiful mystery woman that accompanied him in his private pool did not stay a mystery for long It was model Jayde Pierce.

2. Sofia Richie.


The very latest of Justin’s impressive string of ladies is the famed Sofia Richie, daughter of singing legend Lionel Richie.

After becoming Instagram official just over a week ago the two have been hitting it off everywhere from Justin’s lake house to Japan!

1.Bronte Blampied.


After only a few days Sofia might be a fling of the past!

Justin was spotted partying It up on the streets of London last weekend with model Bronte Blampied.

Bystanders claim the two appeared to be together and went back to Bieber’s apartment each night!

Love this list more than Justin loves his girls?

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